Koga Miyata Pro racer 1982



About this bike

And another Koga Miyata Pro racer for sale. The ProRacer is the smaller brother of the legendary Fullpro, the model that Peter Winnen rode  up to his famous win on Alpe d'Huez in 1981. 

I've bought the bike from the first owner who lived near Zaandam , he used the bike during the mid 80's and always took good care of it. The bike is fully equipped with Shimano Dura Ace EX parts, exactly as the professional riders used them. The rims are the well known Mavic MA40's. Last owner changed the rear hub to a shimano 105 one, so that he could use better ratio's for the shifting.

All the cables, handlebar tape and the brake lever rubbers are changed. The bike rides very well and has almost no cosmetic damage. The bike looks like it came out of the Koga Miyata factory  yesterday.  Hard to find especially in this near NOS condition.




  • Seat Tube CC:

    53 cm

  • Top Tube CC:

    55 cm

  • Standover height:

    81 cm

  • Headtube:

    12 cm



Parts list

  • Rear derailleur

    Shimano RD - 7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Front derailleur

    Shimano FD -7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Gear Shifters

    Shimano SL-7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Crankset

    Shimano FC-7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Bottom Bracket

    Shimano BB -7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Brake levers

    Shimano BL-7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Brake calipers

    Shimano BR-7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Handlebar

    SR Road Champion

  • Stem

    Shimano 600 DX

  • Head-set

    Shimano HP - 7200, Dura Ace EX

  • Seat-post


  • Saddle

    Koga Miyata

  • Hubs

    Front: Shimano HF-7261, Dura Ace EX. / Rear: Shimano 105

  • Rims

    Mavic G40

  • Freewheel


  • Pedals

    Not included

  • Chain

    Shimano Dura Ace EX

  • Tires

    Continental Gran Prix