Gazelle team Hartol Pro-Bike


About this bike

This was your chance to buy an very rare Gazelle team Hartol pro-bike. This bike was used during  the 1997 season. I bought it from the team owner, mr. van Poppel. He also gave me an original team shirt that I will also include in this sale. The bike belonged to Angela van Smoorenburg. Her name is still on the frame, as you can see on the pictures.

You can find more info about her here:

The bike is in a very good condition (if you take into account that this bike was actually used during races). It has almost no visible damages and it still shifts very smooth. The frame is made out of reynolds 531C tubes. Furthermore is the bike equiped with a reliable shimano 600 EX Ultegra groupset. 


  • Seat Tube CC:

    52,5 cm

  • Top Tube CC:

    54,5 cm

  • Standover height:

    77 cm

  • Headtube:

    13 cm



Parts list

  • Rear derailleur

    Shimano RD - 6401, 600 Ultegra 

  • Front derailleur

    Shimano FD - 6401, 600 Ultegra 

  • Gear Shifters

    Shimano SL- 6401, 600 Ultegra 

  • Crankset

    Shimano FC- 6400, 600 Ultegra 

  • Bottom Bracket

    Shimano BB - 6400, 600 Ultegra 

  • Brake levers

    Shimano BL- 6401, 600 Ultegra 

  • Brake calipers

    Shimano BR- 6403, 600 Ultegra 

  • Handlebar

    Cinelli Criterium 65-40

  • Stem


  • Head-set

    Shimano HP - 

  • Seat-post

    Shimano SP- 6400, 600 Ultegra Aero

  • Saddle

    San Marco Rolls, Team Hartol edition.

  • Hubs

    Shimano HF-6402, 600 EX Ultegra 

  • Rims

    Regida DP 18 

  • Freewheel


  • Pedals

    Shimano PD-6401, 600 Ultegra 

  • Chain


  • Tires

    Vittoria Rubino