1982 Presto

I own several Presto's but in my opinion this is the rarest one I have in my collection. This particular one is probably build around 1982 by master frame builder Peter Serier, in my opinion one of the best frame builders we have ever known in the Netherlands. It is probably one of the last frames he produced at presto before he strarted his own brand, Serier. Peter serier learned the art of framebuilding from Jan Legrand at presto.  After his time at Presto he started to build frames under his own name (Serier). Serier, however, was more a frame builder than a businessman, and his own company was never really a success.

Until 2010, Peter still had a website in the air. This time he didn't constructed and designed bikes but mostly furniture, in one way or another often inspired bicycles. 

Enough about history, let's go back to this exceptional bike, it belonged to former pro Ron Bessems. Not a very big name at that time, but he became junior world champion in 1976. The bike is equipped with a complete Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. Also look at the beautiful details like the pantographed S(erier) in the chainstays. The attention to detail on this frame is just astonishing. 


Parts list


  • Rear derailleur

    Campagnolo 1020/A , Nuovo Record (version 3)

  • Front derailleur

    Campagnolo Record 0104007

  • Gear Shifters

    Campagnolo 1014, Record

  • Crankset

    Campagnolo 1049 Strada, Nuovo Record 

  • Bottom Bracket

    campagnolo 1046/a, Nuovo Record

  • Brake levers

    Campagnolo 2030, Nuovo Record

  • Brake calipers

    Campagnolo 2040, Record

  • Handlebar

    3TT Competitizione

  • Stem

    3TT record


  • Head-set

    Campagnolo 1039, Record Strada

  • Seat-post

    Campagnolo 1044, Record 

  • Saddle


  • Hubs

    Campagnolo 1034, Record

  • Rims

    Mavic GP4

  • Freewheel


  • Pedals


  • Chain


  • Tires

    Wolber Classic 280