1979 Remy Record

Price: €949

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About this bike

I have owned a  lot of bikes but in my opinion, this one is also a truly special one. Remy is one of the lesser known Dutch brands but it was one of the real Artisan frame builders that we had in the Netherlands.

The Dutchman Rene Wouters is the founder of the brand and the name is composed of his own name and that of his wife Mary. In 1926 they married and to provide for their livelihood they started under the name of Remy in Ossendrecht a forge, annex and bicycle repair workshop. Rene Wouters died of a heart attack in 1956, the company was then sold to former pro-rider Henk van der Kloof.

The actual Framebuilder at Remy, was Marten van den Bergh, he was well known as a very talented bicycle frame builder. The quality of the Remy frames was extremely good, even riders that were under contract with a different sponsor, ordered a frame from Rene, these frames were than repainted painted in the colours of the team that they were contractually obligated to ride.

Eloi MeulenBergh, the Belgian world champion in 1937, was so enthusiastic about his just-built Remy that he could not wait and drove a race directly on the bare frame. Other well known Names like Theo middelkamp, ​​Kees Pellenaars,  Piet van As and Lou Green were also on the list of customers. An other famous Dutch cyclist, Wim van Est, won in 1950 Bordeaux-Paris on a Remy and even Jacques Anquetil, Ferdi Kübler and Stan Ockers seem surreptitiously rode on Remy.

In 1980, shortly after the retirement of frame builder Van den Bergh also stopped Henk van der Kloof and Remy brand went defunct.

Let's get back to the Remy I own. As you can imagine, this is an rare bike. I bought this bike from a friend from the original owner; mr. van Geel. He was getting old and decided to donate the bike to his friend. The bike is in a exceptional good condition. It has almost no visible damages. Mr van Geel took good care of his bike. The chrome is still in a good condition (although it has some patina). The frame itself is made out of reynolds 531C tubes, has chromed fork and rearstays and also an Italian Roto bracket. The lugwork is a feast for your eyes, they are chromed and luglined. Furthermore is the bike equiped with the best Campagnolo had to offer in those days. A complete Campagnolo record group. A true masterpiece for every collector who once something really special in his collection.



  • Seat Tube CC:

    55,5 cm

  • Top Tube CC:

    56,5 cm

  • Standover height:

    81 cm

  • Headtube:

    13,5 cm



Parts list

  • Rear derailleur

    Campagnolo 1020/A , Nuovo Record (version 3)

  • Front derailleur

    Campagnolo Record, 1052/ NT

  • Gear Shifters

    Campagnolo 1013/5N, Record 

  • Crankset

    Campagnolo 1049 Strada, Nuovo Record

  • Bottom Bracket

    campagnolo 1046/a, Nuovo Record  

  • Brake levers

    Campagnolo 2030, Nuovo Record 

  • Brake calipers

    Campagnolo 2040, Record

  • Handlebar

    Cinelli Campione del Mondo

  • Stem

    Cinelli 1R (1/Record, early version) "REMY" Pantographed

  • Head-set

    Campagnolo 1039, Record Strada 

  • Seat-post


  • Saddle

    Selle Italia Superprofessional

  • Hubs

    Campagnolo 1034, Record

  • Rims

    Super Champion Gentleman 

  • Freewheel


  • Pedals

  • Chain


  • Tubes

    Wolber Classic 280