1977 Ko Zieleman

Ko Zieleman was one of the best frame builders of Amsterdam.  He was a dedicated craftsman and built all kind of bikes (including non-race frames, they were sold under the brand name Spirit) with equal care. The brand name Ko Zieleman was only used for the custom built race frames. Ko started his business in the IJselstraat in Amsterdam. He took over  the store from his father, which began in 1928. Later he moved to the Reggestraat, also in South-Amsterdam.

Zielman was no fan of sponsorships. It did not matter whether you were a pro or a team owner. If you wanted a Zieleman then you just had to buy one. A lot of championships were won on a Zieleman.  Many professional cyclists were bought their frame at Zieleman and had it then refinished in their team colors. In addition, the rumor exists that Zieleman has build the Raleigh frames for Miko Mercier-VivaGel team  for the 1980 tour de france. The year that Joop Zoetemelk won the yellow jersey. Whether this is true, I'm not sure. I always assumed that Legrand produced these frames but you never know what exactly happened during those days!

In the late nineties, after forty years, it was enough for Ko. He closed his shop and put the following ad in the Wieler Revue;  "Ko Zielman quits, Tools and materials are for sale.".




Parts list


  • Rear derailleur

    Campagnolo 4001, Super Record (1. gen)

  • Front derailleur

    Campagnolo Record 1052/1 

  • Gear Shifters

    Campagnolo 1013/5N, Record

  • Crankset

    Campagnolo 1049/a Strada Super Record (drilled)

  • Bottom Bracket

    Campagnolo  4031, Super Record ( 1.gen)

  • Brake levers

    Campagnolo Record (Drilled)

  • Brake calipers

    Campagnolo 4061, Super Record

  • Handlebar

    3TT Competitizione 

  • Stem

    3TT record 


  • Head-set

    Campagnolo Super Record (1. gen)

  • Seat-post

    Campagnolo 4051, Super Record Fluted

  • Saddle

    Cinelli Unicator Stitched

  • Hubs

    Campagnolo 4014, Super Record

  • Rims

    Mavic GP4

  • Freewheel


  • Pedals

    Campagnolo Super record

  • Chain

    Regina Oro

  • Tires